Autonomous Security

NXM's breakthrough Autonomous Security™ technology enables IoT devices to automatically manage their own security without human intervention, providing unparalleled protection of personal private confidential data. NXM safeguards devices against future security threats, including quantum computers.

Applications include Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities, Homes, Offices, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Supply Chain Management Systems, DRM and more. NXM software runs on virtually any type of microprocessor.

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Software Stack


NXM software-enabled devices create their own machine identities. This unique, patent-pending identifier is enshrined in blockchain and cannot be altered for the lifetime of the device.

Agile Encryption

NXM is the first system to enable remote upgrading of the security algorithms of any device at any time during its lifetime, including quantum-safe cryptography.


A private blockchain can be associated with any device ecosystem or asset category, controlling the ability of permissioned users to post information and change state. Roles and permissions can be fine-grained, making NXM ideal for scalable enterprise applications.


Secure Machine Layer™

SML is the device’s programmable logic (smart contract) controller mechanism. It provides the interface to agile cryptography on a chip utilizing blockchain.

Embedded Devices

NXM's unique layered approach to Autonomous Security and firmware implementation provides for a small foot print on embedded devices.

Secure Access Routing

NXM enables devices to communicate to their peers securely and automatically without the need for a centralized certificate authority. It creates a decentralized and distributed network that is based on blockchain principles.


NXM’s security framework is compatible with Arm® TrustZone™, CryptoIsland™ and Platform Security Architecture (PSA) best practices, as well as Intel SGX and similar solutions from other leading chip makers.