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Ride the Wave

NXM Wave™ keeps drivers and dealers connected like never before with real-time vehicle performance and safety monitoring, plus convenient features like find my car, in-app service bookings and on-demand 4G LTE and passenger Wi-Fi powered by the industry’s most advanced, high speed automotive router. Our patent-pending Autonomous Security technology ensures that your vehicle and personal data will always be kept safe and secure.



Fastest, most secure automotive router ever

More power than a Tesla®

Featuring the industry's fastest on-demand 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot with Long Range (LoRa) networking and vehicle to everything (V2X) communications. Powered by Automotive Grade Linux and protected by the industry's first Autonomous Security system. Proudly engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

  • High Speed LTE (200 Mbps)
  • Dual PRU Arm® Processor
  • Automotive Grade Linux
  • NXM Autonomous Security
  • 5G Network Ready
  • LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa
  • 9-AXIS IMU & Sensors
  • Long Lasting Li Battery




  • Competitive advantage
  • Add new tech to used vehicles
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve owner experience
  • Provides accurate mileage
  • Service reminders & recalls
  • In-app service bookings
  • Advanced lot management


  • Find my car
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • On-demand 4G LTE Wi-Fi
  • Parental controls
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Trip history & expensing
  • Smart roadside assistance
  • Multi-driver / fleet support


  • Automotive Grade Linux
  • Open Source Platform
  • Global Developer Community
  • App store coming soon
Autonomous Security

Autonomous Security

NXM's breakthrough Autonomous Security™ technology enables IoT devices to automatically manage their own security without human intervention, providing unparalleled protection of personal private confidential data. NXM safeguards devices against future security threats, including Quantum computers. Applications include Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities, Homes, Offices, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Supply Chain Management, DRM, Crypto Insurance and more. NXM software runs on virtually any type of microprocessor.


NXM software-enabled devices create their own machine identities. This unique, patent-pending identifier is enshrined in blockchain and cannot be altered for the lifetime of the device.


Agile Encryption

NXM is the first system to enable remote upgrading of the security algorithms of any device at any time during its lifetime, including quantum-safe cryptography.

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A private blockchain can be associated with any device ecosystem or asset category, controlling the ability of permissioned users to post information and change state. Roles and permissions can be fine-grained, making NXM ideal for scalable enterprise applications.

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Secure Machine Layer

SML is the device’s programmable logic (smart contract) controller mechanism. It provides the interface to agile cryptography on a chip utilizing blockchain.

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Embedded Devices

NXM's unique layered approach to Autonomous Security and firmware implementation provides for a small foot print on embedded devices.

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Secure Access Routing

NXM enables devices to communicate to their peers securely and automatically without the need for a centralized certificate authority. It creates a decentralized and distributed network that is based on blockchain principles.

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Trusted Applications

NXM provides application developers with automated machine managed security and data privacy protection. Developers can rely on trusted communications for both offline and online device interactions governed by smart contracts.



NXM’s framework is compatible with Arm® TrustZone™ and PSA security best practices, as well as Intel SGX and similar solutions from leading chip makers.

Blockchain Microservices

Blockchain Microservices (BCMS) enable secure and scalable interactions and abstraction between smart devices and blockchain processes.


Product Engineering

NXM enhances product security, logistics and lifecycle management control

Optimized for Arm® A and M chips FPGA devices coming soon Service oriented blockchain
Powerful smart contract programming Built-in crypto security Simulation, testing, validation Guards against malware insertion
Goods shipped without security firmware Secure boot stored in protected memory Comprehensive supply chain tracking
Tamper-proof shipping
Self-assigned ID created at provisioning Geo-aware firmware downloaded Enables low latency, 5G applications
Confidential data stored in private chain Anonymized data stored in cloud Cryptocurrency data monetization




NXM can be used across the entire automotive value chain, from supply chain management to manufacturing and comprehensive, immutable vehicle lifecycle data tracking creating cost savings and operations optimization.

Smart Cities

NXM enabled devices communicate automatically with each other without manual intervention. Connected vehicles can interact with smart city infrastructure and pedestrians in real-time, including traffic control systems, toll booths, parking lots, fuelling stations, smart buildings, homes and each other to form 5G-ready networks of bandwidth efficient edge devices.



NXM employs carrier-grade security and is ready for Software Defined Network (SDN) principles utilizing blockchain as a migration path away from centralized services that have proven vulnerable and difficult to scale. This paves the way for a new generation of low latency edge computing applications for future heterogeneous 5G networks.


NXM goes beyond HIPAA and GDPR standards by separating data into two encrypted streams. Confidential and personally identifiable data is encrypted and stored in blockchain while machine generated data is stored separately and securely in the cloud. Applications include a wide range of smart medical devices, such as blood glucose, heart and infant monitors, as well as syringes, inhalers, medical devices and much more.



NXM-enabled CE products are inherently trustworthy and certified to protect consumers against unauthorized hardware access.


NXM provides exciting opportunities for insurance providers, including new Crypto Warranties™ that insure devices against hackers based on cryptographic resilience.


About Us

About Us

NXM Labs Inc. is an Autonomous IoT Security company that utilizes distributed ledger and advanced cryptology technologies to enable devices to collaborate with each other automatically and securely without manual intervention. NXM is working with global leaders in communications, semiconductors, automotive, enterprise software, manufacturing, consumer electronics and insurance to commercialize its ground-breaking technology.




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