NXM’s autonomous security technology spans virtually every type of industry, private and public sector application, providing unprecedented levels of security, automation and data integrity.

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NXM can be used across the entire automotive value chain, from supply chain management to manufacturing and comprehensive, immutable vehicle lifecycle data tracking creating cost savings and operations optimization.

Smart Cities

NXM enabled devices communicate automatically with each other without manual intervention. Connected vehicles can interact with smart city infrastructure and pedestrians in real-time, including traffic control systems, toll booths, parking lots, fuelling stations, smart buildings, homes and each other to form 5G-ready networks of bandwidth efficient edge devices.


NXM employs carrier-grade security and is ready for Software Defined Network (SDN) principles utilizing blockchain as a migration path away from centralized services that have proven vulnerable and difficult to scale. This paves the way for a new generation of low latency edge computing applications for future heterogeneous 5G networks.


NXM goes beyond HIPAA and GDPR standards by separating data into two encrypted streams. Confidential and personally identifiable data is encrypted and stored in blockchain while machine generated data is stored separately and securely in the cloud. Applications include a wide range of smart medical devices, such as blood glucose, heart and infant monitors, as well as syringes, inhalers, medical devices and much more.


NXM-enabled CE products are inherently trustworthy and certified to protect consumers against unauthorized hardware access.